My 46-year long journey in this world is full of different experiences.
My experiences have been both exiting and teaching:
I know what means to lose your parents in young age;
I have experienced school bullying, but in the same time also unconditional caring;
I know how to cope on my own but I have learned to accept help; 
I know what means difficult and dysfunctional relationship but also what is real partnership; 
I know what are difficulties, depression, anxiety and addictions but I also know how to enjoy lightness of life;
I know how to build successful career but I also know what means to burn out;
I know what it means to live constant haste of business world but I have also learned how to go with more peaceful flow and stay in present moment, in center;  
I know how difficult it can be to grow to be a mother but I also know how valuable is family.

I have found myself thinking why my life has been so versatile but now I do understand that all those experiences support when helping other people with their challenges. The moment I realized that all difficulties in our life are actually important life lessons - I realized how happy I am. Those experiences have helped me to grow and enrichen my life. I believe that those experiences help me to be better teacher, as I speak directly from my heart and from my personal experience. 

Nature has given me more energy than average and not typical temperament for Estonians. Those characteristics help me to be motivating guide during the sessions and training.

My educational background is also wide-ranging. I learned to be shop-assistant, I studied to be a bookkeeper-secretary and I have a masters degree in international business administration. In 2011 I started my studies in Holistic Therapy Institute and this step brought a change in my career in 2014. I had been working as HR and Excellence Manager for almost 20 years and acting as teacher in the same time. In 2013 I started with my therapy practice and year later I left corporate world to be my own employer. 

You can get to know me better by reading my thoughts in Facebook page Liveinease, you will find the link here.

Professional certificate no  TAM-0071