Stories in our head

What kind of stories you keep telling to yourself? To others about yourself? How they actually influence you?
"My father abandoned us when I was a kid. Already then I knew, I can´t trust men!”
"My mother loved my sister more! I am not the first choice! My needs don´t count! "
"I was not wanted child. That’s why my father was drinking all the time and I was just a burden to my mother."
"I was left completely alone when I was just a kid. I have to always cope on my own!"
"My mother always said, that you can´t trust your superiors, your employer will always want to just use you.”
And so on ….
We all have those different stories about ourselves that we keep repeating.
This is just a story, that keeps you spinning in this drama.
This is just a story, that ended long time ago but with constant telling it to yourself and to others, you keep this pain alive.
This is just a story, that forces you to find different ways to numb this pain as you repeat it. Alcohol, food, scrolling, shopping, overworking, gambling etc.
This is just a story, that makes you react on autopilot and from fear, again and again. Fight when it is not needed. Escape when you should stay. Play dead when you should express yourself.
This is just a story, that makes you subconsciously seek for evidence that it is still valid, day after day, again and again.
We have the saying: Whoever seeks, it finds!
If you had different story, you would find evidence for that too. Evidence to validate opposite story.
Those stories are like objectives, that design our steps and take us deeper and deeper into those stories.
We start to repeat same events, with different people in different places. Sometimes those things really happen, sometimes we create those experiences just through our perception.
We are abandoned again and again, we are pushed away again and again, we are betrayed again and again, we are diminished again and again, we are insulted again and again. I could keep on almost endlessly. We all have our personal dramas, patterns and victim positions, that we repeat again and again.
We repeat them until we repeat our story. If we change our story, our reality will change. Sometimes immediately sometimes slowly but it can´t stay the same.
We start to make different choices. Every story makes us choose differently.
Our stories design our lives!
We are more powerful than we think we are. We just don’t notice where we invest our energy, we don’t notice where we let our stories to take us.
- What kind of story you are letting yourself to repeat?
- Where does this story take you?
- Do you really want to be led by this story?
- Or is it time to start to slightly change your story?
Photo: Unsplash, social.cut

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